Temporary Health Insurance

Short-term health insurance

Do you need temporary coverage? eHealth makes it easy to compare plans and find a short-term health insurance that is suitable for your interim coverage. Find out more about the Australian healthcare system, including: What is Medicare? Use the Bupa Foreign Visitor Health Insurance in Australia. If you are a temporary resident and looking for health insurance in Australia?

The IMAN offers Australian Health Plans.

Short-term health insurance - Temporary health insurance cover

If I am rejected when applying for short-term insurance protection, what happens? In contrast to a large health insurance policy, it is possible that you may be rejected for short-term insurance due to your health record. For some areas, "guaranteed expenditure" short-term schedules may be available to help meet your needs despite your health record. What do I do with my short-term schedule?

When your schedule has a providers group, every physician on the schedule should agree to your itinerary. If you have any problems, please consult the insurance company or your eHealth authorised representative. Unless your scheme has a providers net, you should be able to visit almost any physician you want.

If this happens, you may need to establish a settlement schedule or postpone paying with your physician until your entitlement is refunded. Provider usually grant discounts on their charges to join a service provider's service provider so that the use of carriers when available can help saving time. The level of performance of some schemes may also differ between operators and non-network operators.

If my physician agrees with my schedule, how do I know? A few short-term schedules restrict you to certain physician groups, but many do not. Where you have a privileged physician, contact your physician to see if he or she is part of the scheme's networking before you submit your application. Contact the doctor's practice to verify that they are on the team for your particular schedule.

What can I do to get my short-term cover? The majority of short-term schemes allow you to make payments from monthly to monthly up to a maximal duration of three monthly. Your insurance ends at the end of three moths time. Should you need to call in your insurance early, please consult your insurance provider or your eHealth licensee and let them know.

At the end of my semester, what happens if I have to renew my insurance? As a rule, if you wish to renew your short-term cover, you must reapply at the end of your present period. When you wish to reapply for cover under the same short-term scheme, please be aware that you may be restricted to two or three successive maturities.

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