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Facing the future with the right plan. In Medicare Part D, you can keep your FEHB coverage and the health plan will be coordinated. Obtain information that will make it easier for you to access care as part of your health insurance. There is more to our services than health services and insurance. Every plan includes personal support to reduce costs and maintain people's health.


The SCAN was instrumental in implementing an enormous change in health care in the early 1970''s, when a group of high-level campaigners teamed up with local civil servants to make health care more available, networked and affordably priced for the increasing number of elderly Long Beach people. The group consisted of 12 elderly people representing the most prolific and energetic organisations for older people in the town, as well as members of the Long Beach Department of Senior Citizen Affairs.

Together with the University of Southern California (USC) they developed a concept for a new and better health care system. The system brings together all the different welfare and health care institutions in the municipality into an unified, community-based organisation that provides better accessibility to accessible care and amenities for the aged.

SCAN was relatively unidentified outside Long Beach until 1983. The SHMO approach extended what SCAN was already doing (providing home care facilities so that senior citizens could prevent or retard the placing of foster homes) to cover the at-risk older people registered in Medicare and offer health care to other Medicare recipients.

SCAN more than doubles its number of members between 1996 and 1998, extending into three districts of South California (Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino). The SCAN Health Plan's joint SCAN Health Plan agency, IAH (Independence at Home), coordinates the long-term and body health services of low-income senior citizens and functional handicapped people. These services are offered through various country and treaty programmes, the biggest of which is the Multipurpose Senior Services Programme.

The IAH also offers a line of resources and recommendations to link older people and their carers with the necessary facilities and assistance in the Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino districts. VAA is a SCAN Communities program that enables people and groups to voluntarily participate in epidemic and/or current affairs that involve remote senior citizens in the communities where they live.

SCAN also provides subsidies and contributions to high-level organisations in the municipalities it supports. Subsidies are awarded in three categories: Top Level Care, Ambulance and Food.

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