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With UnitedHealthcare Global we are present wherever your employees are. Choose your group to check the health insurance details. Easier health care, better experiences, healthier living. Get me a psychotherapist. All I have is a dental plan at UnitedHealthcare.

Options for UnitedHealthcare® health insurance.

Fill in a correct postcode. Do you need help searching for a postal area? Town: Type the town Please type the town. Status:Select status Please choose the status. Verify the postcode of your main place of residency. You can use the practical resources and information below to help you assess your cost of medicines, find a supplier, find out more about Medicare, and more.

Choose your group to view the details of your medical insurance. When your group is not included, you will find your own detailed planning information in your planning documents. Locate family doctors, clinics and other healthcare service professionals who are part of our network. ATTENTION: The provider's information is liable to changes. It is recommended that you ask your supplier whether your scheme will be approved.


Now more than ever, you can take responsibility for your own healthcare. Registering for the site only lasts a few moments and gives you easy entry to a variety of on-line resources and information*. Here you will find information on healthcare and more. Submit a safe email for help with your question. Only a few moments, it gives you instant information about your healthcare.

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