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The UnitedHealthcare Life Insurance Company was awarded the Health Utilization Management Accreditation. The United Healthcare Oxford Payment Center welcomes you! Name UnitedHealthcare with the dimensional logo and dimensional logo alone are both service marks of UnitedHealthcare. Many thanks for becoming a member of UnitedHealthcare. Just sign up to get started.

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Who is HealthSafe ID? The HealthSafe ID is our new login that allows you to gain your advantages with a single user name and a single user name. In order to keep your accounts safe, we ask you to verify your e-mail address or telephone number. You can then log in with your user name and your pass word each year.

Do I have the same level of control over all my healthcare information when I log in with HealthSafe ID? Use HealthSafe ID after April 2018. If I don't contact you by April 2018, what happens? Your on-line bank accounts are not accessible from this website.

Doing so will help you avoid taking full benefit of all the functions and advantages of healthcare planning for you. They must upgrade to the new HealthSafe ID.

Log in to find easier ways to administer your advantages.

It may seem difficult to learn how to take advantage of your insurance. Log in and you'll get a personalised website to help you administer your schedule and your healthcare information. Once logged in, you have round-the-clock acces to easy-to-use utilities and ressources to help you do so many things - find medical networkers, view incidents, administer chemist services, receive spa assistance and more.

It' all there to make it easier to get more out of your ups. Find a networking physician, dental surgeon, vision providers, hospitals, labs, vSvisual Visitors providers or psychological healthcare resource. If OptumRx is your pharmacist supervisor, see a listing of medications available only on prescription. However, if OptumRx is your pharmacist supervisor, you will need to check with your pharmacist. Have a look at your Explanation of Advantages (EOBs).

Trace the balance of a Healthcare Refund Balance for a Healthcare Savings Accounts (HRA), a Healthcare Saving Account (HSA), or a Flex Expense Balance (FSA). And you can find ways to become and remain healthier: Reward yourself for participating in a healthcare study. Find out more about healthcare programmes and rebates.


The majority of our goods and service are provided by Golden Rule Insurance or Oxford Health Insurance, Inc. Links to UnitedHealthcare refer to any single business or other entity associated with UnitedHealthcare. Administration is provided by United Healthcare Service, Inc. The Core Access insurance schedules are subscribed by Independence American Insurance and managed by The Loomis.

UNITALTHONE is a trademark that provides a range of individual and family lines of business. The Independence American Insurances Company and UnitedHealthOne are not affiliates and each company is accountable for its own contract and monetary liabilities. 2018 United HealthCare Services, Inc.

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