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Combined Medical Health Insurance

It is important to know which insurance is best for you when it comes to Medicare insurance. You buy insurance and want to know if your doctor is in our network? Please contact your nearest United Health office for more information on insurance coverage. Benefits and perks of United Medical Center, including insurance, retirement and vacation insurance. We at Eisenhower will ultimately accept most insurance policies.


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However, this schedule changes from time to time as there are significant healthcare activities due to the growth of supported healthcare, mergers/acquisitions and new agreements that have been brokered by the hospitals. Cost objects/insurance schemes not listed below may continue to authorise UMC service in authorised medical emergency situations. When you register at the clinic, you must present a copy of your insurance certificate, a photo ID and evidence of your place of residence and your phone number.

Keep in mind that many insurance carriers need to obtain approval in advance before they can obtain optional or emergency approval. If you are hospitalised, ask your insurance company whether it requires your permission before you are hospitalised. When you are not insured, you must make a down payment for the optional operation at the time of your induction.

When you are hospitalised as a consequence of an injury, please give all information from your insurance company and/or casualty insurance company prior to admittance so that our medical advisers can obtain authorisation to pay before admittance. The following types of insurance or cover are also accepted: Medicare: Show your Medicare and supplementary insurance membership at the time of enrolment.

It is your responsibility to pay all Medicare excess, co-payments and service that are not included in Medicare and your additional insurance. Industrial insurance: When you are insured by a professional insurer, please take your insurance voucher with you to the admissions office. When your insurance needs a damage insurance document, please fill in the following information and return it to us.

The majority of commercially available insurers need pre-certification, pre-approval and/or a second surgery certificate. If you are receiving a city or have state social welfare or Medicaid Managed Care, please take your most recent identity document with you to the host office. Advance approval is required for optional admission or optional ambulatory service. The Maryland Medicaid, Virginia Medicaid, or other Out of State Medicaid may request pre-approval for optional recordings or optional ambulatory careervices.

Documents certifying cover and prior approval as well as a copy of your valid Medicaid medical record and image ID must be provided. When you are covered by Blue Cross/Blue Shield, please take your most recent insurance with you to inform the Study Department of your number.

Any Blue Cross/Blue Shield proof of insurance is only an estimation of the cover available and is submitted for ultimate examination and endorsement by Blue Cross/Blue Shield. The majority of Blue Cross/Blue Shield guidelines requires pre-certification and pre-authorization of the product before it is approved. Gesundheitserhaltungsorganisationen: When you are insured by an HMO, please take your insurance voucher to the Admissions Office to give the HMO your number.

Prior to approval, all HMOs must be pre-certified and pre-approved. Cases of employee remuneration are insured if they are authorised by the employers or the insurer of the employers. If you are liable, you are liable to the infirmary for the immediate settlement of your invoices and must apply to the insurance company for a refund. The UMC accepts insurance schemes with which we have no policy.

It is important that you consult your insurance provider to verify whether they will refund your UMC nursing costs. Alternatively, you can call a Patients' Accounting Agent at (202) 574-6905 for help. In order to find out about your costs, please consult your insurance or read your Patients' Handbook before presenting it to the Admissions Department.

Employees of the study department can be contacted at (202) 741-6601. If you would like more information about UMC's involvement in any of the Managed Services Plan, please call Patient Financial Services at 202-574-5394. Helping us provide all the information you need ensures that we can pass the cost of your services on to your insurance company in a timely as well as efficient way.

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