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Many of these health insurance policies are very inexpensive, especially compared to health insurance policies in the US. This insurance product is offered in cooperation with the company BUPA International, which is part of the worldwide known group BUPA. The Apollo Munich Health Group offers international health insurance and worldwide health insurance for individuals and families. WEA, a product of the PA Group, offers you the perfect international health plan. Expatriate International Health Insurance.

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Scope Global:. Clients have easy entry into the world's broadest healthcare provider ecosystem. Immediate contact with specialist doctors without referral and contact with family doctors. Accessibility to an unbiased second health assessment at no additional charge, because sometimes you want to make sure you feel good with a diagnostic or suggested care schedule.

Advantages for health and well-being: Our comprehensive health and well-being plan takes a comprehensive view of your health and well-being, offering a number of health and well-being functions and choices to help you do your best - complete with dentistry, visual, and health screenings. Workers want and want more workers to take an active part in their health and well-being and to provide them with the right healthcare for them and their family.

We are targeting companies that want to provide comprehensive coverage and social services to our core workforce, as well as providing easy and affordable entry to world-class health care. Our portfolio is tailored to your budget and needs, because we know that no two companies are the same. Our integrated health and wellness philosophy means that our portfolio includes functions that help you keep your most important staff healthy both spiritually and mentally.

Our high-quality in-house accident and emergencies department and our decade-long on-call experience allow you to concentrate on what you are doing - whether it' extremist sport or extremist recreation. We offer many more adventurous activities, cruise holidays and US trips as default until your 70-year anniversary. Are you interested in travelling insurance?

Worldwide health insurance coverage

We have a truly multinational orientation and are able to provide a wide range of solutions to the needs of today's globally active citizen with our office in the main expatriate locations in Asia and the Middle East. Which is a comprehensive health insurance? Worldwide health insurance, also known as Worldwide Health Insurance or Personal Health Insurance, is a type of health insurance that you buy in the home jurisdiction of your home and provides worldwide cover.

This plan is ideal for expatriates who move to new lands, wealthy travellers who want to make regular trips, health tourism who want to take benefit of the health service of another nation, and anyone who wants to be cared for by privately owned health institutions. What is a reason for having health insurance? When looking for health insurance, there are a number of important things to keep in mind - something we discuss in this useful infographics.

And one of the largest is whether you need comprehensive health insurance or not. A lot of individuals get themselves access to comprehensive health insurance schemes because they provide a multitude of services, among them: Universal cover - All worldwide cover schemes provide cover in almost every land on earth, some even with maintenance in the USA.

Tall thresholds - These schemes are equipped with high thresholds that allow you to be treated in some of the best clinics in the globe. Adaptable Plan - Many comprehensive health insurance programs are customized to fit your needs. By adding additional covers such as sight, teeth and more, you can adapt them to your needs.

Big health insurance companies - Big global insurance companies have all created some of the biggest health insurance company network that bill the supplier directly, so you can concentrate on providing health services, not processing entitlements. Worldwide 24/7 Assistance - Insurance companies all have a 24/7 helpline that can help you find the closest clinic, recommend a physician, and even contact the clinic to initiate the invoicing procedure, so you can be served faster.

For more information about the available health insurance schemes in your region, please find your region below or click here for a quotation.

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