Worldwide Medical Insurance

Global health insurance

Global health insurance gives you the peace of mind that you will receive the hospital care you need, whether in an emergency or during a scheduled visit. Expatriates around the world benefit from an unsurpassed international health insurance plan through our leading international health insurance plan. The international health insurance offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield provides global health insurance for expatriates. Global health insurance is the core of our Worldwide Health Options Plan - each member receives this as a standard. Shop at home or travel and request online from anywhere in the world.

Global health insurance

Used for treating in hospitals, either over night or as a daytime event. Global health insurance gives you the peace of mind that you will receive the necessary medical care you need, whether in an accident or during a scheduled outing. It also includes all operations, treatments for cancers, and advances in image processing, whether performed during hospitalization or as patients attending.

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The IMG Global Medical Insurance, the International Health Plan for Expatriates and International Citizens.

Global Medical Plans is an internationally privately funded health insurance scheme developed to offer you and your loved ones worldwide medical care. The IMG Global Medical Drawing is available to all nations and is perfect for global residents who live and work outside their home countries, offering some of the most complete services supported by first rate aftercare.

To be a member of the international fellowship can be an exhilarating adventure, but also one that can bring with it possible implications. Globally Medical Insurance is a groundbreaking IMG programme that provides the flexibility worldwide cover you need, backed by the world-class service you want. In contrast to other healthcare programmes on the open medical markets, our products allow you to tailor a healthcare programme to your specific needs.

In order to maximise the results of your medical treatment, the International Medical Group provides local clinic personnel who are available to you at all times, and its comprehensive network of providers is quickly and readily available. In addition, you have round-the-clock round-the-clock accessibility to MyIMG, an unparalleled on-line tool that gives you the means and resource to administer your IMG accounts at any time, from anywhere in the globe.

They need to know that you have the right global reach. If you choose IMG Global Medical Insurance, you will get a promise from IMG to provide outstanding healthcare, medical support and services - all to provide you with Global Peace of Mind. When you shop, you can use our on-line table to check out some of the best medical insurance providers around the world.

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